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Why HeyCharge?

People in apartments deserve electric cars, too. We make it happen.

Electric cars are awesome. But for those of us without charging at home, those frequent trips to the charging station can grow old. Charging at home is the missing ingredient — with it, you leave home with a fully-charged car every day, and only think about charging on road trips.

Home owners have enjoyed this luxury for years. Finally, HeyCharge brings home charging to the rest of us!

How it works: We install the HeyCharge charging network in your building. In many cases, we’ll install a charge point all parking spaces (making your soon-to-be-EV-loving neighbors happy, too!). Sign up to HeyCharge with your personal invitation link, and you’ll immediately have access to the charger at your parking space. Simply provide a credit card, and push a button in the app every time you get home. It’s that easy!

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Electric car charging for apartments with 2 cars

For Electric Car Owners

Want to love your Electric Car more? Charge it at home?

Do you live in an apartment building? Do you own an EV or plug-in hybrid (or will you buy one soon?).

HeyCharge is the expert on electric car charging for apartments — we can help! Put us in touch with your property management. We’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse: low-cost charge points for you and your neighbors. In some cases, we can install your entire building for free.

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Electric car charging for apartments with 4 cars

For Property Managers

HeyCharge delivers electric car charging for apartments and your tenants. Use our dashboard to invite your tenants and assign them to chargers. We deal with billing and service.

Absolute Lowest Cost

You won't find a cheaper way to add EV charging to your building. Enjoy happy tenants and increased rental prices!

Self-Install or Full-Service

HeyCharge can be installed by any electrician. Or, book an installation option and let us manage it.

Easy Management

Manage tenants, monitor chargers, and visualize your CO2 impact -- all with the HeyCharge Dashboard.

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