European business savvy meets Silicon Valley innovation.

HeyCharge is a personal story. The founders brought home their first electric cars only to realize the challenges of trying to charge while living in city apartments in Stuttgart and Munich, Germany.  They realized that having access to charge an electric car at home can make the difference between electric cars succeeding or failing with a given owner. HeyCharge GmbH was founded to solve this problem at scale, for current and future electric vehicle drivers across Europe.

Chris Cardé | Chief Executive Officer

Chris is an experience engineering executive and product leader, having led teams and product initiatives at Google, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development, and E.ON Energie Deutschland. He first fell in love with electric vehicles while a master’s student and student team leader at the University of California, Davis Hybrid Electric Vehicle Center. Chris drives a Tesla Model X (pure EV) and a Volvo XC60 T8 (plug-in hybrid).

Florian Holz | Chief Technology Officer

Florian has 15 years of experience leading product development and engineering teams building for mobile, IoT, and cloud sectors. Florian has co-founded two other tech startups.

Florian Wolf | Chief Operating Officer

Florian has 15 years of experience in Operations and Finance across banks and startups, as well as real estate investment and management as a partner in a family office-backed investment fund. Florian drives primarily WeShare (car-sharing) EVs.